Vietnam – Mekong Delta

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This post is a continuation from Hoi An Banh Mi – The World’s Best Sandwich?

The Mekong Delta covers an area three fifths the size of Tasmania and has a population almost 40 times, at around 18 million. Like any delta it is flat with swampy and fertile regions bisected by numerous waterways. There are numerous large and small settlements throughout the vast agricultural regions. For the visitor the dominant feature is the amazing river life; for the foodie it is the extraordinary range of produce – grown and processed.

The range of agricultural products is immense.

Also immense is the range of industrial and processing activity, including making coconut milk, fish sauce and rice paper rolls and pottery works servicing the whole world.

We spent a night at a “homestay”, which in effect was a small hotel with a restaurant. We arrived to a lavish lunch and that night we were invited in to the kitchen to help prepare the evening meal.

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