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  • Lockdown Tryouts –  Eggs!

    Lockdown Tryouts – Eggs!

    Covid-19 lockdown has given everyone plenty of opportunities to experiment with their cooking, to go back to old favourites and to try out some of those newspaper cut-out recipes. Not everything we have tried has worked but we are generally very pleased rather than disappointed. In this post we include two savoury and one sweet…

  • New York City – The Big Cheesecake!

    New York City – The Big Cheesecake!

    This continues on from New York – Settling In! New York may well be called the Big Apple, but if it were to have a signature dish my guess it would be ‘cheesecake’. This blog post is about a cheesecake, a strawberry blonde one. You hear about my first encounter with it and our experience…

  • As Easy As …  No. 1

    As Easy As … No. 1

    “It’s a piece of (cheese)cake!” For a long time I thought the expression “as easy as pie” referred to the act of making a pie. That, of course, never made sense to me as I have generally found pies rather difficult to make, even mud ones. But then I discovered that the expression refers to…