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  • Lockdown Tryouts –  Eggs!

    Lockdown Tryouts – Eggs!

    Covid-19 lockdown has given everyone plenty of opportunities to experiment with their cooking, to go back to old favourites and to try out some of those newspaper cut-out recipes. Not everything we have tried has worked but we are generally very pleased rather than disappointed. In this post we include two savoury and one sweet…

  • Five Days At Olive’s Cottage – And A Long Lunch!

    Five Days At Olive’s Cottage – And A Long Lunch!

    This post continues on from: Strahan. After two days in Hobart and three in Strahan, we headed north to the Tamar Valley and Olive’s Cottage, our property at Windermere. We visit the cottage about four times a year, for four or five days each visit. Some of our time is taken up meeting up with our…

  • Making The Impossible! No. 4

    Making The Impossible! No. 4

    A Sweet Pastry – Blind baking made easy! Blind baking or par-baking a pastry shell for a tart or quiche can be a little testing as it normally means lining the shell with baking paper or foil and filling with ‘weights’, such as rice, beans or metal weights, then baking for around ten minutes or…