One of Australia’s Great Drives – And Food And Wine Trails!

Robin Boyle General Interest, Tamar, Travel, Wine

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The Tamar Valley is one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, perhaps the most beautiful. This blog post is about a day we spent in July, 2017, where we started at Windermere, headed into Launceston and drove down the West Tamar to the Batman Bridge. It was a perfect day, starting with a light frost, but turning into a brilliant sunny and windless day, though quite cool in the shade. The reflections on the water were dazzling the whole day.

We have done this drive and variations thereof many times. Sometimes we just want to sightsee. Other times we visit some of the wineries. Or we head over to the West Tamar for lunch.

This post is purely photographic. We start with a map.

Windermere – From the cottage before setting out


Windermere Church from Rosevears
Gravelly Beach

Swan Point



Batman Bridge

Back at Windermere, late afternoon