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  • Asparagus –  One Of The Most Versatile Vegetables!

    Asparagus – One Of The Most Versatile Vegetables!

    The asparagus season in Australia starts around the beginning of September – maybe August in some regions. Imported asparagus can be obtained all year round, but it is the local season that one waits for. And then you have an abundance of a vegetable that is so easy to work with, has a lovely flavour…

  • Torres Del Paine National Park

    Torres Del Paine National Park

    This post follows on from: Tierra Del Fuego and Cape Horn Patagonia Patagonia is one of those mystery places: we know the name but we don’t really know much about it or where it actually is. Patagonia isn’t a country but a region on the southern tip of South America. It is large – a…

  • Burnt Vegetables! Part 2

    Burnt Vegetables! Part 2

    Continued from: Burnt Vegetables! Part 1 It takes practice to burn vegetables … and expertise! It sounds silly doesn’t it?  That: “It’s OK to burn food“. Or that your spouse could be happy when you say with pride: “Darling, I’ve managed to burn dinner!” But as renowned Argentinean chef, Francis Mallmann, explains in his book,…