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  • Mendoza – Argentina!

    Mendoza – Argentina!

    This post follows on from: Chile – Atacama! Possibly no other city is as closely associated with a grape variety as Mendoza: it is the world capital of wines made from the Malbec grape. While plantings of the variety diminished in France, they burgeoned in western Argentina to the point that the Malbecs of Mendoza…

  • El Calafate – Glacier Country!

    El Calafate – Glacier Country!

    This post follows on from: Torres del Paine Calafate and El Calafate The Calafate berry is symbolic to Patagonia, being indigenous to the region. Around a metre tall, the bushy plants produce edible berries that look a little like blueberries and have a taste that some describe as hinting of black currant, mulberry and/or blackberry.…

  • Barbecues Galore!

    Barbecues Galore!

    Click here for: Buenos Aires – The City! One reason for going to Buenos Aires is to eat! There is a definite Argentinean cuisine, with many of the dishes and customs duplicated in some form or other in neighbouring South American countries. The Spanish and Italian influences on the cuisine are clear, though there is…