Made At Home – No. 2

Robin Boyle Herbs and Spices, Home-Made, Moroccan, Recipe

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Over the last two decades, harissa, like preserved lemons, has become known largely through Moroccan recipes. Jars or tubes of harissa can be found but they tend to have a ‘mass produced’ texture and flavour, and thus they are often somewhat less satisfying than homemade versions.

The key ingredients to harissa are chillies – hot red ones – and garlic. From there, the door to variations is wide open. Our preferred version uses a bunch of coriander and provides an extremely hot, garlicky sauce that is very more-ish, even addictive, but should be used sparingly because of its spiciness.

Chillies - Red

You could experiment with a mixture of red and green chillies or make a similar type of sauce out of jalapenos. Or try different herbs, such as parsley or basil.

Chillies - Red & Green

Chillies - Jalapeno

You do need to use protective gloves when deseeding the chillies as you are working with a large volume. And when you serve it, warn your guests not to take too much!

Harissa’s versatility goes way beyond North African dishes: we love it on our eggs at breakfast. A link to our preferred method follows.


For the recipe, click here: Harissa

Contributions welcomed!

If you have any preserve-like items you regularly make, we are happy to hear about them, including the ingredients and why they are worth doing.