Cracker Alternatives

Robin Boyle Middle Eastern, Nibbles & Hors d'oeuvres, Recipe

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Most of us are very familiar with Middle Eastern dips made from tahini, eggplant and chickpeas.

Many variations have emerged. Here we give two interesting options that are worth a try, both sent in by viewers of the blog. One dip is made from fresh broad beans and the other is made using smoked almonds. They are cracker alternatives to traditional dips. (Note: In Australia, ‘cracker’ can mean ‘great’, ‘outstanding’, ‘exceptional’.)

Try them as is but also use them as ideas for your own creations. For example, instead of chickpeas, try using leftover cooked potato or a tin of butter beans. You don’t necessarily need to use a food processor or blender: a potato masher is very quick and gives an interesting texture. We always have tahini and tins of chickpeas and butter beans on hand, meaning that a hummus style dip can be made in a few minutes.

Middle Eastern dips are normally served with traditional breads. However, try crisping pita bread in the oven. Tortillas and other types of breads can be done the same way. They provide a somewhat more interesting option than a packet of crackers! Cracker alternatives indeed!

For recipes for the dip and crisped pita bread, click below:

Broad Bean Dip b

Broad Bean Dip

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Bread crisps b

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