Burnt Vegetables! Part 1

Robin Boyle Latin America, Launceston, Restaurant-Cafe, Vegetables

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In 2017, in a group of 16 friends, we will be visiting Argentina and Chile.

After Buenos Aires, Tierra Del Fuego and Torres del Paine National Park, we will visit the ‘lake district’ of Argentina and Chile. A major town on the lakes is Bariloche, and it was there where Francis Mallmann spent his childhood. He is now arguably Argentina’s highest profile chef, specialising in Patagonian influenced barbecued food.

francis-mallmann-55 b

In Mendoza

Our tour will continue to the Atacama Desert in Chile before we cross the Andes back into Argentina to Salta and then on to the capital of Argentina’s principal wine growing region, Mendoza. Mallmann has several restaurant interests, however, perhaps his most acclaimed is his restaurant 1884 in Mendoza. We plan to visit the restaurant on the last night of our four week tour. (This and the previous photo are from the restaurant’s website.)

francis-mallmann-3 c

Apart from a vast range of grilling and barbecuing techniques, in his book, Seven Fires, Mallmann has a number of recipes for burnt vegetables. He even has an early section called “The Taste of Burnt“.

In Launceston

On a visit to Launceston in April, we made a visit to the Pinot Shop. It is has an extensive range of local wines to choose from and they give great advice.

Some of that advice included a recommendation to visit Geronimo Aperitivo Bar and Restaurant for interesting food based on local ingredients. We discovered that, as eating and drinking establishments go, Geronimo is very modern and confident. (This photo is from their website.)

Geronimo Restaurant

We have now been to Geronimo a second time and both meals have been two of the best we have had anywhere in a long time, taking into account the food, the ambience, the quality of the cooking, the interesting menu and value for money.

On their menu Geronimo has ‘charred brassicas’, their own version of ‘burnt’ vegetables (in this case, broccoli, cauliflower and related vegetables)!

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