Autumn Colours Around Launceston

Robin Boyle International, Tamar, Tasmania, Travel

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Our recent visit to Olive’s Cottage was at the end of April. The camellias along the front fence must have been magnificent a week or two before, but there was still a spectacular carpet of petals to be seen. In the rest of the cottage garden the leaves on the quince, plum and cherry trees were about to turn.

214 Olive's Cottage

With autumn colours abounding, we planned a drive through some of the nearby historic villages. We started by heading to Perth, just south of Launceston, for lunch. A cafe in an old church, Ut Si Cafe and Art Gallery specialises in its own and local produce. It had been recommended to us by a number of people as an example of the high quality food outlets to be found in the smaller settlements these days. From Perth we headed to Longford, then to Carrick and Hadspen, before returning to Windermere in the late afternoon. Following are some of the highlights of the day.

Passing through Launceston:

291 Launceston garden

Ut Si Cafe:

241 Perth.

Perth and Longford – Front gardens

244 Perth._002250 Longford_002

Carrick and nearby:

255 Carrick_002 265 Carrick_002 266 Carrick_002 268 Carrick_002

Entally and Hadspen:

286 Entally House_002 288 Near Hadspen_002

Afternoon light under the plum tree at Olive’s Cottage:

239 Olive's Cottage_002