A Salad for Christmas Day

Robin Boyle Miscellaneous, Recipe, Salad, Traditions-Feasts

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This was one of the surprise dishes for us in 2015. It is what we will be preparing this Christmas.

Rhonda’s family have their Christmas dinner in the evening and there is always a big crowd. Always our role is to prepare the entree, while others contribute with turkey and ham, vegetables in different guises, and traditional pudding with brandy sauce, fresh cream and ice cream.

Our entree has to be light because of the food to follow, but it has to be interesting.

This recipe by Jill Dupleix was published in the Melbourne Age early in 2015. It is remarkably refreshing, perfect for a hot day and perfect for a light course before a heavy main. It is colourful, feels healthy, it  is easy to do and it is delicious. Perfect for Christmas Day.

We have repeated the recipe method more or less word for word – follow the recipe as given before you start to experiment. The rosemary is the real surprise and takes the dish to another level, as does using lovely quality feta.

For the recipe, click here: Watermelon and Feta Salad.