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Olive’s Kitchen – The Recipes

  • Search by clicking on one of the buttons above. For example, click on “Cuisine”.
  • That will open a new tab page where you can search for the cuisine you are after, for example, Thai.
  • Click on a recipe.
  • That will take you to a brief summary of the recipe and give you the choice of going to the blog post where the recipe was featured or the pdf of the recipe itself.
  • Note that at the bottom of each screen, the numbers 1, 2, … indicate there are more recipes on the next page.
  • Note also that “The Recipes” tab page is still open: return there to search by another category, such as “Difficulty”.
Recipes are available in two ways: from a blog post itself or from a pdf link.

Printing a recipe that is in a blog post:

  • Click on the Print button at the top right of the blog post text.
  • You will see a screen with various print options allowing you to tailor what you print or save as a pdf.
  • You can click on unwanted photos or paragraphs and delete them.
  • In the “T” box select an option for smaller or bigger font size.
  • In the Image box next to it, if you want to save paper, instead of normal size images, you can print smaller ones or none at all.
  • From the left of the top bar you can print a hard copy of all or some of the pages in the blog post.
  • Or you can save it as a pdf. (Choose a small or nil option for images if the pdf will not generate.)

Printing a recipe that is in a pdf:

  • When you click on the recipe link, the recipe opens in pdf format.
  • Normally you will have the options to save it to your computer or to open it for viewing and printing.
  • Some browsers may give poor quality display or printing: note that each of our recipes should show check boxes against the ingredients and a border around all sides of the page.
  • If not, check your browser settings. For example, in Firefox, alter the settings to open pdf files in Acrobat.
  • All recipes are written and presented in a similar format.
  • Degree of difficulty is given a score out of five:
    1. Very easy
    2. Not difficult
    3. Moderately difficult
    4. Reasonably difficult
    5. Challenging
  • You can search by Difficulty using the button above.